Tribal Government

Executive Building
Judiciary Building
Modular Building

The Tohono O'odham Nation is comprised of three branches of government; Executive (which houses the Chairman and Vice-Chairman's office), Legislative (which houses the tribal council representatives-two reps from each of the 12 districts) and Judicial (which houses the courts and judges). The three branches of government exist together in a system of checks and balances and allows the Nation to conduct business with the assurance that each branch will keep the other two in harmony.

Government & Council Members Listing:

  • Ned Norris Jr., Chairman
  • Wavalene Romero, Vice Chairwoman

Legislative Council:

  • Timothy Joaquin Gu Achi, Legislative Chairman
  • Edward Manuel Pisinemo, Legislative Vice Chairman

  • Vernon Smith, Baboquivari District
  • Frances Miguel, Baboquivari District

  • Ethel Garcia, Chukut Kuk District
  • Billman Lopez, Chukut Kuk District

  • Loretta Lewis, Gu Achi District

  • Pamela Anghill, Gu Vo District
  • Grace Manuel, Gu Vo District

  • Lorraine Eiler, Hia-Ced District
  • Micheal Flores, Hia-Ced District

  • Sandra Ortega, Hickiwan District
  • Louis Lopez, Hickiwan District

  • Chester Antone, Pisinemo District

  • Diana Manuel, San Lucy District
  • Jana Montana, San Lucy District

  • Rachel Stoner, San Xavier District
  • Hilarion Campus, San Xavier District

  • Quintin Lopez, Schuk Toak District
  • Frances Stephens, Schuk Toak District

  • Barbara Havier, Sells District
  • Arthur Wilson, Sells District

  • Lucinda Allen, Sif Oidak District
  • Mary Lopez , Sif Oidak District

Judicial - Justice Center

  • Violet Lui-Frank, Chief Judge
  • Walter Marcus, Judge
  • Larry Yazzie, Judge
  • Donald Harvey, Judge